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Here is a short tutorial on setting up an Eclipse + Clojure + Counterclockwise + Leiningen development environment. Most of which was learnt from Chad Emerick’s excellent Starting Clojure screencast.


Download and install the latest version of Eclipse Classic


Download the latest Leiningen script and add it to your system path. I have a ~/bin/ directory for user scripts.

To add ~/bin/ to your path just:

OSX: echo 'export PATH=~/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.profile

Linux: export PATH=~/bin:$PATH

Then make lein executable..

chmod 777 ~/bin/lein

Run the lein command. It will automatically download the dependencies and install itself.

Eclipse Counterclockwise Plugin

Help -> Install New Software -> Add

Eclipse Leiningen Plugin

Help -> Install New Software -> Add


Start a new project with leiningen lein new foo

Open that Project as a “normal” project (NOT Clojure project) in Eclipse.

Right click on that project -> Configure -> Convert to Leiningen Project -> Enable Clojure support -> Run as -> Clojure Application

The REPL should now launch and automatically load whatever Clojure file you were working in.

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