Ubuntu Linux on Macbook 5,2

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Here are some notes and a quick guide on getting Ubuntu 12.04 working on a Macbook 5,2. I’ve spent many hours over the past few years trying to get a stable Linux system working on my Macbook. EFI, power management, multiple core support and the touchpad have all proved troublesome on previous versions of Ubuntu… Read more »

Announcing ProxyTools

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ProxyTools is my first real Clojure project. It is a SOCKS and HTTP proxy checker with a web interface that communicates with a Clojure backend. It is designed to be high performance: There is an HTML5 WebSocket connection between client and server, so no waiting around for AJAX polling. Also no heavyweight Flash solution which… Read more »

PhoneGap Tutorial: Building an Exercise Tracking App

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I recently wrote a tutorial for MobileTuts+ called Build an Exercise Tracking App. It’s a 2 part tutorial on creating a cross platform mobile app from scratch. The app (ExerciseTracker) tracks, records and maps your workouts. The tutorial covers: PhoneGap Location API jQueryMobile Google Maps Javascript API HTML5 localStorage Here is a screenshot of the… Read more »